Breakfast networking at Bramley Golf Club

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Join us Thursday mornings at
Bramley Golf Club

Build your business at our (virtual) breakfast meetings

SHINE* offers a systematic process for generating good quality referrals and increased sales via word-of-mouth. Because of understandable concerns about large gatherings at the moment, from this Thursday, 19th March, and until further notice, we’re meeting virtually over breakfast via Zoom. Join a group of like-minded local business people and follow a process designed to create business for all who attend. The group is run and managed entirely for the benefit of its members, and consequently, even at the best of times, there are no significant joining fees or unwieldy annual subscriptions to worry about. Now, our virtual meetings are completely free. A good time to try us out.

It may sound simple, but it works.


Rise and SHINE.


If you’d like to start creating some valuable referrals for your business and lock out the competition, why not try us out one Thursday morning – with absolutely no obligation. At the very least you’ll have the chance to talk about your business to a welcoming audience.

Call David Hughes on 0771 365 4305 now to arrange a visit. Or, register online here.

Since its inception at the start of 2017, the group has generated in excess of £800,000 in sales for its members.